PMO Portfolio Management

The PMO is known as the “Program Management Office” or the “Project Management Center of Excellence”. It is the group that maintains project management standards in an organization. In most organizations, approximately 80% of projects fail. The PMO is a powerful element for identifying struggling projects early in the project life cycle and working with project teams to get projects back on track. If a project does fail, the PMO analyzes the reasons for project failure and then orchestrates updates to processes and procedures to insure project success in the future. This half day course demonstrates how the PMO is used to evaluate new project proposals to determine if they align with the organization’s strategic and tactical plans. It shows how PMOs should evaluate organizational project execution to determine if projects, programs, and portfolios are performing as required. It also gives guidance on best practices for presiding over the different levels of Management Reviews (e.g. project, program, portfolio, enterprise, etc.). The tools and techniques demonstrated in the class will help organizations select the right projects and deliver them successfully.