Establishing a PM Culture

Project Management Process and Culture

Every year great organizations spend millions of dollars to update their strategic plans. These plans cover the all the important aspects of the business. Business survivability is determined by their success. How do great organizations implement their strategic business plans and objectives? That’s right, by Organizational Project Management (OPM)! If an organization does not cultivate and nurture a culture of organizational project management, the results are often disastrous. This 4 hour training course helps participants distinguish between mature, consistent project management organizations and immature ones. Participants learn the steps necessary to create a sustainable project management process and culture. They will understand the knowledge, processes, and tools necessary to foster project, program, and portfolio management in the organization (e.g. governance, sponsorship, training, common lexicon, etc.) Repeated use of case studies, exercises, and examples show participants how to knit organization project management (OPM) into the fabric of their organization.