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Every Organization Can Implement OPM3! Playbook for Project Management Process Improvement and PMO Governance.”

First published in 2007, the book has been completely updated to reflect current updates in the Second Edition of OPM3. It also provides the very latest tools, techniques, and tips used in OPM3 implementations. The original format of the book has been maintained providing a handy reference manual and exhaustive guide for those interested in implementing the model in their organizations. The Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) is rapidly becoming the preferred tool for improving organizational project management around the globe. OPM3 is a framework of Best Practices that demonstrate the key components required for world class project management. World Class project management does not come about by time and chance. It must be intelligently designed into the fabric and culture of organizations. When implemented correctly, OPM3 helps companies grow from Ad-Hoc, immature project management execution, to mature, repeatable, and disciplined project, program, and portfolio execution. Many organizations pick up OPM3 and say, ‘Yes, this is exactly what we need!’ But then they struggle when implementing the model. This book describes the fundamental concepts and architecture of OPM3 while providing real world examples and a structured approach for implementing the model. The tools, tips, and secrets shared in this book will help organizations enjoy sustained project management excellence. Process Improvement veterans and neophytes alike can use insights in this book to successfully implement OPM3 in any project management organization. The features of this book include: Detailed description of the OPM3 architecture and components Process framework for encapsulating all OPM3 Best Practices Process models for mapping world class organizational processes Detailed steps for standardizing processes and process governance Keys to implementing OPM3 (hard and soft skills necessary for Making It Happen!) Tools to measure, control, and improve processes, OPM3 methods for Assessing the Organization, along with forms, templates, and examples.